The Agency of Chair-ing

Interesting Tactics

October 2019

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Chairness, Belonging, and other Utopic Considerations

Interesting Tactics

26 April 2019


"Towards an Appreciation of Brutalism or, the Humanities Building is Actually Good"

Tone Madison

16 April 2019

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"The Archive of Non-Order: a conversation with Drew Smith"

Greige Room  Issue 04

13 March 2019


"The Creation of IT and other Concerns: a Manifesto"

with Adam Rosenthal

Litorum Issue 00

27 June 2018


"Access Tracking in a Control Society: Deleuze's Dividuals"

with Austin Young

Greige Room  Issue 03

27 April 2018


"Surveillance: Necessarily Evil/Necessary Evil"

Greige Room Issue 02

27 February 2019


"Post-post and the Invocation of Mouffe"

Greige Room Issue 01

27 January 2019