A megapolitan is 2 or more cities connected by transit, with blurry boundaries as the cities sprawl into each other. In Arizona, Phoenix and Tucson form the Sun Valley Corridor. 

There is a tragedy of the sunshine: as more people move to the megapolitan, they require more construction. So much of the Arizona megapolitan is paved that the area is suffering severe urban heat island effect, which has decreased precipitation in the area.

Prefabricated homes are designed to minimize construction on the site, eliminate impermeable paved foundations, and be re-configured to different sites within the Arizona megapolitan to respond to climate conditions and assert sensitive water management with respect to watershed. 

20th century luxury oasis style living creates dire conditions for the 21st century. Snapshot memories of the past create the ideal; could these memories be co-opted and re-configured to mitigate contemporary reality?