GREIGE ROOM was first published March 21, 2018 for ARCH 5411 Principles of Design Theory (UMN-TC, Vahan Misakyan). GREIGE ROOM 00 (issue 1) contains a parodic response to GREY ROOM Issue 39 "Every Form of Art has a Political Dimension", an interview with Chantal Mouffe (2001).

GREIGE ROOM  01 (issue 2) presents critique of 2013's SPYGLASS  project against Paul Weibel's "The Guard as Bandit" (1978). 

GREIGE ROOM  03 (issue 3) invites Austin Young to participate and comment on a self-tracking experiment informed by Gilles Deleuze's "Postscript on Control Societies" (1990).

GREIGE ROOM  04 (issue 4) is an investigation into archival theory as informed by Markus Miessen's idea of crossbenching, in conversation with Drew Smith and thanks to Amanda Wick of the Charles Babbage Institute Archives.