February 2018

with Adam Rosenthal

for Litorum Issue 00 + ARC H 5411 Architecting Anthropoveillance with Vahan Misakyan 

A project exploring Marshall McLuhan's theory of anti-environment. Notational drawings tracking the movement of cultural objects from environment to anti-environment led to manifesto updating McLuhan's theory informed by modern "consumption of culture" and accelrationism. That which is anti-environment (SOUP CYCLE )! and 03) is co-opted back into environment by the pace and nature of modern condition. Manifesto calls for the creation of an artifact free from cultural consumption: IT, which will never be co-opted back into environment. Supplemental research included Eileen Isagon Skyer's Vanishing Acts, Pfaller and Zizek's theory of Interpassivity, and Andreas Huyssen's "In the Shadow of McLuhan: Jean Baudrillard's Theory of Simulation".  Final notational drawing and presentation of artifacts presents research as it relates to Campbell's Soup, both as consumer product and Andy Warhol's once-iconoclastic art piece.

Presented May 2018 in ARCH 5411 and published May 2018 in Litorum.